Company Profile

M/s Mountain Glacier Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is establishing a drug formulation plant producing transfusion bottles (large Volume Parenteral) at Chandrapur -2, Judibela, Rautahat ,Nepal. The plant is planning to setting up on the lines of GMP as practiced in the best units of the industry. Standardized machinery will be selected form reputed manufacturers for fail-safe operation and consistently high quality of the final product. Stress will be laid on an automated operation for least numbers of hand operation. A state of the art quality assurance system will be developed and set for continuous monitoring of quality. The unit will also carry out ongoing research and development for better products. The formulations will be selected form the later generations of drugs.


The Company will be one of the most trusted, admired and successful parenteral pharmaceutical companies in Nepal with a focus on strengthening research and development capabilities to offer high quality products at affordable prices to all sections of society and creating partnerships and building presence across the globe.


The Company is committed to enhancing human health and well-being by providing contemporary and affordable parenteral drugs, manufactured in full compliance with GMP. Our company continually strive to improve our core capabilities to address the unmet medical needs of the patients and to deliver outstanding results for our shareholders.


Establishing and operating a medium scale pharmaceutical manufacturing unit complying with the current WHO/ other GMP guidelines as well as the national regulatory requirements to manufacture large volume parenteral solutions for human use to sell in local as well as foreign markets is the general objective of this company.

The specific objectives:

  • Research-development, production; WHO / International GMP parenteral pharmaceutical products in Nepal.
  • To produce high quality affordable products which will contribute to improved health outcomes & realization of direct and indirect economic benefits to the Nation.
  • To become the leading manufacturing pharmaceutical company in Nepal.
  • To enrich the lives of the people of the country through continuous innovation in healthcare products.
  • To substitute import of pharmaceutical products there by bridging the gap in between the demand and supply.
  • To assist the national goal of self-sufficiency in medicine.
  • To perform Research and Development activities for the development of drug, specific dosage forms, and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • To Export the pharmaceutical products to another country.


The company will primarily focus on manufacturing of large volume parenteral (LVP) products. The Company will make continuous efforts to maintain product quality, product performance, molecule section and formulation through state of the art technology. Factors that influence the product design includes disease prevalence in the country, morbidity rate of certain diseases in a given population, occurrence of natural calamities and epidemics, trends of medical practice and performance of certain products, Level of awareness of people, government health facility, policy decision for the product and current import trends of the products. Initial product that this business plan envisioned are as under;


LVP(large volume parenterals)
Dextrose – 5%
Dextrose – 10%
Normal Saline
Ringr lactate injection
Manitol Injection 20%
Multi Electrolyte
Metronidazole Injection 5mg/ml
Ciprofloxacin Injection 2mg/ml
Ofloxacin Injeection 2mg/ml
Fluconazole Injection

Commitment to quality: The Company adopt industry best practices in all our operations to ensure international highest quality standards of our products.

Team Building: The Company gives high priority on building capabilities of our employees and empower them to realize their full potential.

Corporate and Social Responsibility: The Company actively takes part in initiatives that benefit our society and contribute to the welfare of the people. The company takes great care in managing the operations with high concern for safety and environment.